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June 8, 2021


York, PA (June 8, 2021) –K2 Kinetics has announced the acquisition of Robotic Packaging Machinery, LLC(or “RPM” for short). An Austin, TX, based company RPM is one of the most innovative and compact designers and manufacturers of case packers throughout the United States. Founded in 2011 by Scott Thiede, the company now has an established product line of 4 key models designed around functionality and efficiencies needed for a variety of customers.

For the past several years, both K2 Kinetics and RPM have enjoyed a “hand and glove” close working relationship, with K2 Kinetics as the builder, installer, and servicer of RPM machines. Scott Thiede has also collaborated on custom machine designs supporting K2 Kinetics customers.

The move will expand the K2 Kinetics product portfolio and result in a comprehensive offering to many existing RPM food and beverage customers, with the addition of a mid-tier ultra-compact case packer. “We’re excited to have RPM and Scott on board – both from a product line and knowledge acquisition standpoint”, stated Kevin Keller, Managing Director of K2 Kinetics. “Scott brings new and different skill sets to K2 Kinetics and we’re excited to stretch our collective bandwidth and expand into a new product category and additional industries”, he added.

RPM’s “TL Series” of automated packaging equipment can be used for case packing, de-casing, box loading, tray packing, carton and clamshell loading and top-seal containers into produce trays, among many other applications. The machines represent RPM’s focus on simple, reliable, and compact equipment. They have a small footprint with the versatility to fit into any existing production line and can easily be reconfigured as needed so end-users can avoid bulky and inflexible packaging equipment. In addition, the equipment can pack a vast array of products in a variety of industries, from rigid to flexible packaging.

“This was a perfect opportunity to come under the umbrella of a company like K2 Kinetics, who for over a decade has provided customized packaging and processing solutions to the food and beverage industry. Their creativity and ability to implement solutions to complex challenges most integrators avoid quoting, makes this an ideal combination, allowing additional customization” added Scott Thiede.

For all sales and project inquiries please contact Roland Strabler, Vice President of Sales for K2 Kinetics. Roland can be reached at rstrabler@k2kinetics.comor by calling directly at 443-693-3270.

Media Contact - Phil Lapp PLapp@k2kinetics.com or call 1-800-995-2832.

About K2 Kinetics
K2 Kinetics is a total solutions provider specializing in automation design, engineering, and integration of packaging solutions that seamlessly fit into the current plant operations and future capital needs of our customers. We work with global food and beverage brands to offer turn-key solutions to their post-processing packaging needs. Our best-in-class team of automation experts collectively brings more than 150 years of talent and industry experience to your project.

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