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Fanuc M710iC/50H Robotic System

Single Robot System
Handles Multiple Cases (Up to 2 Cases Per Pick)
Mechanical Safety Caging
Electric Light Curtains at the Infeed & Discharge
Case Pick Conveyor With Right Angle Pusher
Slip Sheet Magazine - Manual Feed
Pallet Dispensing Unit - Buffer Plus Dispenser Stack
CDLR - Chain Driven Live Roller

4000BPH(2oz) Fully-Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Automatic Preform Feeder
Blow Molds
2oz, 4oz, 8oz 4 Cavities
Mold Chiller
HP Air Compressor
3.2Nm3/min, 3.0Mpa (2 Sets)
HP Air Tank
1.0m3/min, 3.0Mpa
HP Cold Dryer
6.8Nm3/min (1 Set), 3.0Mpa (3 Sets)
HP Air Filters
6.8Nm3/min (1 Set), 3.0Mpa (3 Sets)
Internal Connecting Pipes
6.8Nm3/min, 3.0Mpa
Technical Documents
Auxiliary Spare Parts

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